Parmesan Tuna Muffin

Tuna Parmesan Muffin

I just saw these photo sets in my flickr and remembered that I haven't posted the recipe yet. And it's been almost 2 months ;) *dear Pati, maybe you're the one who's gonna smile, you've received the recipe, right?*.

Too many photos and too little time for blogging. Sometimes I got too excited taking so many food pics and spent most of my time for photo editing or flickring. The other time, with my girls, we were busy with our art and craft project.

Crafting : paper
Paint the bead Leia learns how to paint

And some other times I was so into stitching, and then I forgot about blogging :D. Until I realize there were so many foodie photos on my flickr queueing to be blogged.

Home Decor Project : Bird 2

Many friends asked me how did I manage my time between parenting, baking, cooking, blogging, food photography, crafting, etc. I'm not a super mommy. When I do something, I always take my time. Otherwise never do everything such in a rush and always low my expectation. I don't need to do everything perfectly because it would be impossible. With the girls around, my hands is full and somehow I always try to put them in my first priority and involved them in my activity *Yea right! Parenting kicked my butt big-time ;)*.

Leia : It's easy! Look!

I just want to take my life easy and be happy everytime ;).

Sketching together

Anyway, my lovely foodie blogger buddy, Mindy, posted this recipe around May. She used the recipe from Rita's.

I was interested, because I've never had savory muffins before. Those looked so tasty! I adapted her recipe and with a little re-worked, I made my Parmesan Tuna Muffin.

The original calls for curry powder but since I didn't have one, I used parmessan cheese. These muffins supposed to be tasty but they turned out salty because I put too much salt. I forgot that I used parmessan cheese which already salty :P.

Tuna Parmesan Muffin

Just try these savory muffins for another experience! Maybe you'll be quite surprised in the first bite ;). Pretty strange yet delectable.

Here's the original recipe.

Curry Tuna Muffin
from : Mindy's Deli

1 can tuna in water - drained
2 cloves garlic - finely chopped
1 onion - finely chopped
1 cup self raising flour - sifted
3 tbsp curry powder (dita-I used Parmesan)
Parsley - chopped
Granulated sugar
1 egg - beaten
1/3 cup coconut milk (dita-I used milk)
1/4 cup canola oil

Topping (dita-I sprinkled the muffins with Parmesan)
Tuna mixture
Chili flakes

Preheat the oven to 175°C. Grease muffin tin
Sauté chopped garlic and onion until fragrant. Add salt, curry powder (dita-Parmesan) and tuna chunks. Combine well. Set aside.
Combine sifted flour, salt and sugar. Make a well in the middle.
In another bowl, combine beaten egg, coconut milk (dita-Milk) and oil. Pour the mixture into a well. Stir well
Add chopped parsley and the tuna mixture. Left some for topping. Combine well.
Pour the mixture into a greased muffin tin until 3/4 full. Bake muffins 25 minutes or until set. 10 minutes before the muffins are set, put the topping on each muffin. Served warm.


  1. keqnya enak nih "pdhal cuman bisa bayangin" hehehhee

  2. Doh...nak-anakna lutu-lutu banget ekspresinya, gemes:)

  3. you are super mom thats for sure! I know blogging, crafting, cooking, baking and taking care kids keep you busy but somehow, you manage them all so nicely. Go girl. Nah gw nih keteteran mulu.. ampe blog gk pernah di update gk ngerti mau yg mana duluan yg dikerjain. qiiqiqi

  4. Hi, sweetie!! I did get the recipe and I just need company around to make these - otherwise I'll end up eating them all by myself and then my jeans won't fit me anymore. :)
    A friend of mine, who works with me, took a look at your photos and she was amazed by them. She said you are far too talented and your girls are adorable!

    I think you do an amazing job at everything you do and I also love it that you do many things with your girls. My mom used to do that with me and that is something I hold very dear, especially after she died. I keep those memories in my heart and I'm sure your daughters will always keep their memories in their hearts, too.

  5. gue belum pernah bikin muffin yang asin gini Dit :D kaykanya endang yaa :D

  6. Giling si mak ini, masak molooooo... bookmark gw dah numpuk, blom kepegang mana yang mau dipraktekin dulu...

  7. Lia : ya maap yaks ;)

    Zita : hihihihi...makasih Zit.

    Eatingclub : dare to try? ;)

    Dwi : doohhhh jauh lah dari supermom. Jauh dari perfect. Kalo lo tau rumah gue kayak apa? ;) Udah kayak titanic nabrak gunung es :D. Belum di dapur, cucian numpuk di sink, seperti lo liat di video gue...hwahahaha....

    Patricia : Oh, dear, I'm so touched. How sweet of you. I almost cry, here :). I'm so sorry about your mom. Someday, when they grown up, I want my girls would feel the same way as you feel about your mom, the beautiful memories in the house :). Thank you so much for your sweet words, it means a lot to me, dear.

    Elsye : coba aja, Sye :)

    Dhi : ini juga utang postingan yang udah 2 bulan nangkring.

  8. Oh dear! Tuna!? I'm a little frightened by the concept but I see that you just used a sprinkling of cheese and I think that I can work with that! Thanks for sharing. Oh, and your girls are just precious!

  9. Huhuhu...enak banget punya 2 anak cewek. Anak2 gue pengennya bergerak terus. Emaknya kan bosen maen bola mulu ... huhuhu.

    Dit, gue pernah ditawarin temen gue muffin zucchini. Gue rada skeptis banget sama rasanya. Dlm bayangan gue, rasa muffin itu pasti bakalan aneh kalo ada sayur atau lauknya. Eeeehhh, gak taunya enak banget. Pelajaran buat gue nih supaya gak ngeremehin bahan yg "aneh"2 :D.

  10. aku juga kemaren bikin banana muffin, kapan-kapan pengen nyobain pake tuna kayak gini juga, TFS ya

  11. deliciously tempting..yum


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