Got Milk?

August is coming, means we (breastfeeding mother) are going to celebrate World Breastfeeding Week on the first week of August. And this time, I'd like to dedicate my post to support WBW 2008, all the mothers who still breastfeeding and the mothers to be.

WBW is an annual event to promote breastfeeding on a global scale. In conjunction with the Olympic event next August, WBW 2008 calls for greater support for mothers in achieving the gold standart of infant feeding : breastfeeding exclusively for 6 months and providing appropriate complimentary foods with continued breastfeeding for up to 2 years or beyond. Supporting mother=supporting her to provide the golden start for every child.

When I found this foodie event "Got Milk!" hosted by Linda, I said "what an amazing idea she had!" I was so excited to participate in this event. You might be ask some questions, why would food blogger like me want to blog about breastfeeding? What's the connection between breastfeeding and food?

I'll tell you, there are many reasons why. I'm a breastfeeding mother, still breastfeeding my youngest daughter (now 22 months). And do you know that breastmilk is FOOD, the very best FOOD that your baby can get? And I'd like to join this foodie event to help Linda promote breastfeeding and to support my breastfeeding friends especially new moms and moms to-be. I know breastfeeding is not as easy as we can see. For some mommies, it's quite hard in the beginning. I only breastfed my first child for the first 2 months because I didn't know how and did not know much about it besides that it's a good thing. I didn't know how's the right position for breastfeeding, and then my nipples got sore, I had no idea what was lactation management, etc. I became desperate and thought formula would be more convinient. Then I felt so guilty about it.

breastfeeding + browsing

Furthermore, before and during my second pregnancy, I prepared and promised to myself that no matter what, my second baby must be breastfed. Lucky me, my hubby was a real supporter and I found supporting group with supporting members -and now they become my good friends- at mailing list asi for baby or mother breastmilk for baby. Nia, the owner of the group, asked me to join in *thank you so much, dear. You guys really did a great job to motivate so many Indonesian mothers out there to keep breastfeeding their babies*. My virtual conseulor, Kellymom supported me as well ;), "she"'s been there when I was confuse didn't know what to do with the whole breastfeeding things. Eventually, I succeed to breastfeed my baby eventhough it wasn't easy at the very beginning. I remember how I cried everytime my baby Leia began to suck my sored nipple. But I didn't give up. I learnt from the past and tried to do my best. And now, proudly said I'm still breastfeeding my almost 2 years old daughter, Leia, although many people here in Kuwait would raise their eyebrows when they knew my almost 2 years old daughter is still breastfed *hey c'mon!* I'm concerned why people in Kuwait, especially mothers and health care/medical practitioners don't take breastfeeding as an issue. Seems they don't encourage mothers to breastfeed their babies. So far, I've never heard and saw any breastfeeding campaign in this country. It's not easy to find breastfeeding/nursing room in every shopping centre here, meanwhile nursing in public is considered to be awkward or inappropriate *I don't think that would be any WBW celebration here!*

Anyway, to endorse, inspire and motivate Indonesian mothers to breastfeed their babies, 2 years ago my husband and I have made an introduction video to early latch on based on my experience. We hope that could be useful :).

Ok, enough about me ;). I got a great news to share from my supportive friends in AIMI, to all breastfeeding mother in Indonesia, Asi for Baby in collaboration with Asosiasi Ibu Menyusui Indonesia (Indonesian Breastfeeding Mother Association) organized a mass breastfeeding (menyusui serentak) event to celebrate World Breastfeeding Week 2008, on August 2, at Auditorium Gelanggang Remaja Bulungan Jakarta. Be there! *I wish I could be there*. More info here.

Linda, thanks for the event, I hope what you did could make a difference. And every babies in the world could have their right to get a golden start. Here's my entry for "Got Milk!".

I didn't know what to do with the leftover mascarpone from my birthday cake last month, better made something before it gone bad, thanks God, Helen's post saved me! ;). And the gratin was so so scrumptious!!

Macarpone Raspberry Gratins

Mascarpone Raspberry Gratin
source : Helen of Tartelette with a little re-worked from me :)
Serves 4-6 depending on the size of your ramequins.

1/2 cup (4 oz) mascarpone, at room temperature
1/4 cup sugar
1 tsp vanilla bean paste or 1 tsp vanilla extract or 1/2 vanilla bean, seeded
1 egg + 1 egg yolk
3/4 cup heavy cream (dita-I used 1/2 cup whipping cream+1/4 cup plain milk)
1 cup fresh raspberries

Macarpone Raspberry Gratins

In a large mixing bowl, whisk the mascarpone with the sugar until smooth. Add the vanilla, the egg and the egg yolk. Whisk until fully incorporated and add the heavy cream. Make sure everything is well combined and divide between your ramequins, not filling them all the way to the top, about 3/4 full. Divide the raspberries among the gratins and set the dishes in a deep roasting pan. Fill the pan with water, half way up the sides of the dishes and bake at 340 for about 20-25 minutes or until they seem to be barely set: still giggling a little when you move the pan but not completely wobbly. They will continue to bake and set as they cool. Let cool and serve either chilled or at room temperature.

Macarpone Raspberry Gratins

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  1. gue selalu salut sama ibu-ibu muda yg mau ngasih asi *kudos*
    semoga nanti kalo gue punya bayi, gue juga bisa ngasih asi *amin*

    btw, itu mascarpone gratinnya yummie bener.... menggoda hati, tapi apadaya, saya lagi diiket sama tugas kuliah :D

  2. gw gk punya susu Dit, payah waktu itu susu cuma mancur 1 bln aja:(
    btw, itu elo yg komen di shout box gw ttg kue kacang yah?
    soal nya gk ke link namalo.
    Kacang yg gw pake gw beli yg udah jadi, udah masak di dlm toplet. jadi gampang gk goreng lagi.

    btw, foto2 lo lightingnya cakep2!

  3. Wow! You made it even prettier, lovely!! Great post!

  4. Sefa : yup diniatin dari sekarang Fa dan kumpulkan info sebanyak2nya dari sekarang/dari semenjak hamil, supaya pas mau nyusuin kita udah punya wawasan dan persiapan mental.

    Eh itu gratin-nya tinggal cemplang-cemplung loh bikinnya, gampang bgt!

    Dwi : sokey Dwi, maybe next time kita bisa belajar dari pengalaman, kapan mo ngasih adek ke Nat ;).

    Iya itu gue yg tinggalin komen, abis mo komen di postingan gak bisa-bisa, blogger lagi ngaco kali. Iya maksud gue itu kacang rebus atau kacang dipanggang di oven? kacang dipanggang kali ye?

  5. perasaan td dah baca dimp :D cross blog ye???

    koment disini aja yah :p

  6. Thanks so much for sharing your experiences :) And making the video was such a wonderful idea! I saw that it has been watch lots of times, I'm sure it has made a difference for mothers.
    As for the dessert, it looks spoon licking good with the beautiful colours! And I love the way you've photographed the dish.

    Thanks so much for your entry. I'll be posting a round-up after August 7th.

  7. Lia : di MP pastinya! sooalnya cross post ;)

  8. Linda : you're the most welcome, Linda :). Thank you. Can't wait for the round up.

  9. Emang emak2 jaman modern gini..sambil ngasih ASI juga tetep ngintip APEL qiqiqi..


  10. Emang emak2 jaman modern gini..sambil ngasih ASI juga tetep ngintip APEL qiqiqi..


  11. It's just lovely - the pink and green colors really pop!

  12. Fitri : teteuupppp ya bow, gak mau kalah ma TUKUL!!! wakakakakakkkk!!!

  13. Madam Chow : thank you so much :)

  14. hebrinnngg Mak Dita...:D, gue kemaren waktu nyusuin ga sampe setahun boww..:((( keburu ga PD duluan *payah deh gue*

  15. Yay for Mama's Milk! I'll be joining in on this also, we just hit 15 months!

  16. anaku berdua jg nenen aku setahun lebih. Si Thole 1,5 thn si Noni 13 bulan. Hidup ASI... membantu anak utk daya tahan tubuhnya jg ;) abis itu minum susu kartonan yg cair hehe... susu bubuk pd ga doyan mreka

    Wah nenenin smbl ngemacbook... itu yg nenen sapa yakk ? *aduh aku cuma ingat si Arwen aja hehe... :)*

  17. just wonder why in middle east not a big big issue about breastfeeding. Dita, love the mascarpone raspberry. Is that pistachio for topping?

  18. garbane5:59 PM

    You should be very proud of yourself! Breastfeeding is such a vital thing and yet so many women dont (want to) understand that..

    The gratin looks amazing. I will surely give it a try!

  19. jadi inget jaman2 nyusuin nadine .. hihihi, sayangnya cuma sampe 15 bulan ajah ... abis ituh full anak formula ... hieks. moga2 besok2 kalo dikasih lagih bisa sampe 2 tahunan nyusuinnya.

    oiya, perasaan dulu pas nyusuin makan sebanyak apapun badan nie cepat banget nyusutnya ... eh giliran gak nyusuin ... melarnya malah kemana2 ... hahahaha, payah dahh :).

    eniwei top dit .. salutt banget ma elu ... leia & arwen beruntung sekali :)

  20. duh sama dong, gue juga breastfeed nyerah di 2 bln, and nyesel juga. disini juga engga ada info detail ttg breastfeed,,,ampe parah banget jadinya toket gue, ampe kudu incision, sedikit trauma juga, tp semoga nanti kalau hamil lagi gue dah lebih ngarti.

  21. Elsye : emang kuncinya nyusuin tuh harus PD kalo perlu sok PD, karena sugesti berperan bgt :).

    Rachelle : you go girl!! can't wait for your entry!!

    Ayin : sip Yin! itu aku lagi nenenin Leia di Jakarta, waktu itu sih dia blum setahun.

  22. Ambar : Dunno Mbar, seems they don't care about this whole breastfeeding things :(. Iya itu kukasih cacahan pistachio atasnya.

    Garbane : thanks. You should give it a try. It's just so easy yet delectable.

    Yuli : itulah keuntungan nyusuin juga, badan cepet nyusut dan stabil gatau deh abis ini setelah nyusuin, hihihihi......

    Foni : ikutan milis2 ASI, Fon biar secara mental dan wawasan kita juga lebih siap jadinya kita juga lebih PD.

  23. jaman sekarang sebenernya kalo diniatin ngasih ASI lebih gampang ya.. di Mall2 udah banyak yang nyediain tempat khusus buat menyusui. Salut buat komitmennya. Lagian sufor mahalll ya bu:)

  24. Your gratin looks wonderful. My younger daughter must be close in age to Leia--Gillian is almost 22 months. I didn't really have a lot of problems breastfeeding my older daughter, but I did find that it was much easier with Gillian since I had a much better idea of what I was doing and what to expect.

  25. Hi Dita, your mascarpone gratin looks incredibly luscious. thanks for sharing your story on breastfeeding and congrats on yr success! :)


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