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Hayooo hayoooo yang udah pesen kapling, buruan dikirim entry-nya. Aku mau menagih janji-janjimu. Tinggal 4 hari lagi. Yang baru mau ikutan silahkan baca persyaratan di sini.


CLICK : April 2008 - Au Naturel : Pomegranate

Here's my entry for CLICK April 2008 Edition : Au Naturel.

pomegranate 4/4
Canon EOS 350 D, lens 50 mm f/1.8, natural daylight

The pomegranate is a popular exotic fruit whose origins are from the Middle East and Asia. Also known as the granada, grenade, and the Chinese apple, pomegranates are now commonly grown in Africa, India, Malaysia, southern Europe, and in the United States, in Arizona and California. Pomegranates typically thrive well when grown in regions where the temperature is mild and where there is little humidity.

Pomegranates are the fruits that are produced from the pomegranate tree, which is a tree that can grow to heights of up to 25 feet. Pomegranate trees live for many years and produce many fruits. The pomegranate tree is also an attractive tree that bears white and red flowers. Once a pomegranate tree is planted, its fruit begins to develop after approximately one year.

You can recognize a pomegranate by its round shape, hard yellow and red colored outer skin, and by its unusual interior flesh that contains many small edible seeds. A semi-sweet pulp that can also be eaten surrounds each of these interior seeds. Additionally, both the seeds and pulp are embedded in a clear membrane. This membrane, although it is also edible, is not very flavorful and is typically not eaten.

Even though this fruit does not originate from China, one common nickname is "Chinese apple."

pomegranate 3/4

Culinary Use
After opening the pomegranate by scoring it with a knife and breaking it open, the arils (seed casings) are separated from the skin (peel) and internal white supporting structures (pith and carpellary membrane). Separating the red arils can be simplified by performing this task in a bowl of water, whereby the arils will sink and the white structures will float to the top. The entire seed is consumed raw, though the fleshy outer portion of the seed is the part that is desired. The taste differs depending on the variety of pomegranate and its ripeness. It can be very sweet or it can be very sour or tangy, but most fruits lie somewhere in between, which is the characteristic taste, laced with notes of its tannin.

Pomegranate juice is a popular drink in the Middle East, and is also used in Iranian and Indian cuisine; it began to be widely marketed in the United States in 2002. Fresh pomegranate arils are used in preparation of curd rice (Telugu: Dadhojanam) in Andhra Pradesh in India. Pomegranate concentrate is used in Syrian cuisine. Grenadine syrup is thickened and sweetened pomegranate juice; it is used in cocktail mixing. Before the tomato arrived in the Middle East, grenadine was widely used in many Persian foods; it can still be found in traditional recipes such as fesenjan (a thick sauce made from pomegranate juice and ground walnuts, usually spooned over duck or other poultry and rice) and ash-e anar (pomegranate soup).

Wild pomegranate seeds are sometimes used as a spice, known as anardana (which literally means pomegranate (anar) seeds (dana) in Persian), most notably in Indian and Pakistani cuisine but also as a replacement for pomegranate syrup in Persian and Middle Eastern cuisine. As a result of this, the dried whole seeds can often be obtained in ethnic markets. The seeds are separated from the flesh, dried for 10–15 days and used as an acidic agent for chutney and curry production. The seeds may also be ground in order to avoid seeds becoming stuck in the teeth when eating dishes prepared with them. The seeds of the wild pomegranate daru from the Himalayas are considered the highest quality source for this spice.

In Armenia and the Caucasus, pomegranate (Armenian: nur) is used in a variety of ways, notably as pomegranate juice. In Turkey pomegranate sauce, (Turkish: nar ekşisi) is used as a salad dressing, to marinate meat, or simply to drink straight. Pomegranate seeds are also used in salads and sometimes to garnish desserts such as Güllaç. Pomegranate syrup or molasses are used in Muhammara, a Roasted Red Pepper, Walnut, and Garlic Spread popular in Syria as well as Turkey. In Azerbaijan and Armenia, pomegranate is also used to make high-quality wine which is successfully exported to other countries.

In Greece, pomegranate (Greek: ροδι, rodi) is used in many recipes; such as kollivozoumi, a creamy broth made from boiled wheat, pomegranates and raisins; legume salad with wheat and pomegranate; traditional Middle Eastern lamb kebabs with pomegranate glaze; pomegranate eggplant relish; avocado and pomegranate dip; are just some of the dishes in which it is used. Pomegranate is also made into a liqueur and popular fruit confectionery that can be used as ice cream topping, or mixed with yogurt, and even spread as jams over toast for breakfast.In Cyprus ροδι is used to make kolliva which is wheat, pomegranate and sugar along with almonds and other seeds (offered after someone has died and people do an eulogy in church on the deaths anniversary).

Pomegranates are also used as decorative items. For example, many people purchase pomegranates to place in a fruit bowl as an ornament and accompaniment to other more traditional fruits. This is because pomegranates have an attractive shape and shiny outer skin. The pomegranate is a unique and versatile fruit that can be used in a variety of ways.

Soure :


Spices : LOOMI


Many Kuwaiti dishes (just like Chicken Mechbous which I made couple of months ago) call for loomi. Loomi is dried and blackened lime. Its flavor is strong and unique. Grated lime peel is suggested as a substitute for loomi but the taste will a bit different.

Loomi made from ripe limes which are boiled in salt water and sun-dried until their interior turns dark. This spice is often used to impart a distinct citrus odour and a sour tang to legumes and meat dishes.

In Iran powdered loomi is also used to flavour basmati rice. Also called leimoon Basra, leimoon aswad and leimoon omani. Dried limes can be used in powdered form or whole (usually pierced).

T&C VIII : Baked Pancake

Taste & Create, what it’s all about: community, sharing, tasting, and blogging.This is a gathering point for the food-blogger community to come and have their recipes tested by their peers.

This is my first time participated in the event. And my partner is Mindy of The Bad Girl's Kitchen. When I visited her blog in the very first time, I read so many wonderful recipes. I got confuse, which one I will choose. But then I decided, to pick a recipe for breakfast time. Since sometimes I had no idea what to make when it comes to breakfast meal.

Thanks for the idea, Min. Never thought before, you can bake your pancake instead of fry the cake. It was so easy to make. My children really love it. The texture is like flan but more solid and dryer than flan too. Hahaha..it's hard to describe. And the pancake is taller in the oven, then flattens after you remove it from the pan, and should have been golden brown in spots. Simple idea in the morning yet delectable.

Baked Pancake

Baked Pancake
from Mindy of The Bad Girl's Kitchen

Baked Pancake

Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

Place 2-1/2 Tablespoons butter in 9-inch glass pie pan and melt in oven.

In blender or food processor, combine:
1-1/4 cup milk
3/4 cup flour
3 eggs
1/3 cup sugar
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon vanilla
Process until smooth.

Remove pie pan from oven and increase temperature to 425 degrees. Pour batter into pie pan and return to oven. Bake 20 minutes.

Reduce oven temperature to 325 degrees and bake 8 to 10 minutes longer. Invert on serving platter. (This part is a bit tricky, to be honest. You will most likely need a knife to loosen the edges, place the serving platter upside down on top of the pancake and invert, then use your knife to loosen the bottom as you are hovering the hot pie pan over the serving platter with oven mitts because it never just comes right out. It's possible you may need to assistance of another person until you get the hang of it. That's what I did.)

Sprinkle with powdered sugar, cut into four or more wedges and serve with fresh berries and warm maple syrup on the side. Of course a true cowboy will ask for whipped cream, so you should be sure to have some of that handy as well.


Banana Cake

Banana Cake

Howaaaaa...pengen nangis guling-guling!! Resep cake ini ilang! So stupid! Gue bener-bener blank ambil resep ini darimana. Padahal hasilnya enak banget dan bikinnya gak ribet...fufufufuuuuuuuu!!!!

Aneh banget deh, gue juga gak inget kapan gue bikin cake ini dan apa yang gue lakukan pas lagi baking. Hmmmm....masak gue bikinnya sambil ngigo? Gak mungkin kan? Aduh Mamin ada-ada aja deh! Dung dung dung!

Itulah kalo gak fokus, trus kelamaan gak diposting-posting. Lupa nge-save resep.

Maaf temen-temen, resepnya menyusul...hikss...


SHF Asian Sweet Invasion : Pumpkin Puree with Mung Beans Sweet Porridge

The theme for this month in Sugar High Friday (SHF) is Asian Sweet Invasion. As an Indonesian, actually it is really an easy task as you know Indonesia has so many kinds of dessert (you can read the story at Arfi's). But the problem is, I'm not living in my homecountry. So, when I decided to cook some Indonesian cuisines, sometimes the ingredients you will need are not always available. However, I used to it. There are always some better ways for substitution. The good things, sometimes you come up with the new creation adapted from the original recipe.


The idea of my entry this time came up from Bubur Kacang Ijo or Mung Beans Sweet Porridge. Since I still have fresh pumpkin in my fridge (it's been there for almost 3 weeks..yayyyy), I'd like to combine it with the mung beans.

And I'm sending these Pumpkin Puree with Mung Beans Sweet Porridge to SHF Asian Sweet Invasion hosted by Amrita of La Petite Boulangette.

Mung Beans Sweet Porridge with Pumpkin Puree

Mung Beans Sweet Porridge aka Bubur Kacang Ijo

Ingredients :
1 cup Mung Beans (better soak 2-3 hour ahead)
1/2 cup Palm sugar
5 cm Ginger, bruised (or yoou can use 3 tbsp of ginger powder)
2 cloves
a pinch of cinnamon powder
a pinch of nutmeg powder
pandan leaf
1 1/2 cups Coconut milk

Directions :
1. In a large pan, bring water to the boil, add mung beans, ginger, palm sugar, cloves, cinnamon powder, nutmeg powder and pandan leaf. Cook until mung beans soft.
2. Pour in the coconut milk, stir and boil for further 5-10 minutes.
3. Serve with Pumpkin Puree.

Pumpkin Puree

Ingredients :
2 cups Pumpkin
Sugar to taste
1 cup Thickened Cream

Directions :
1. In a large sauce pan bring water to the boil, add pumpkin and sugar. Cook until soft.
2. Lift out the soft pumpkin and mashed it (you can use food processor/blender to make puree). Add thickened cream. Stir until incorporated.
3. Serve with Mung Beans Sweet Porridge.

You can serve this dessert either warm or cold.


Event : Home Food Photography : A Tiring job!! Is it??

Home Food Photography : A Tiring Job!

Begitulah judul topik bahasan di salah satu klub food photography yang gue ikutin. Berikut petikan curhat dari salah seorang member :

Doing homemade food photography is very nice but such an exhausting job ! don't you think so !
I'm just out of the kitchen and my head is completely empty !! 3 desserts + 4 dishes since yesterday !! why in such a rush ?! well ... a lot of the ingredients i'd bought "just in case"were reaching the expiration date and the fresh fruits were becoming mmm less fresh !!! arghhhh my God !!!
The kitchen is a total war field and i must do the thing i hate to do now : washing the dishes ..... ok, that was just the thought of the Day ! wish you all a nice night ;-). -SHGarden-

ini curhatan lainnya :

I'm with you. And to make it worth: things went not the way they should in the kitchen! And shooting is delayed. I made a jam and used the wrong sugar and out came a fruit sauce. I lost a whole day got frustrated and not very inspired while shooting, used the wrong aperture, focal plain is somewhere but not on point where it should be.... argh, maybe I will delete them all.

And then the dishes, Steve. To clean the mess I created in the kitchen and around the shooting.

But did you every notice how often you have to almost re-write the recipes. I frequently do shootings from books and magazines and especially the recipes found in magazines don't work as they are written down. My photos of rhubarb cake were such a recipe; re-written. The first time following the recipe, a mess. The 2nd time tweaked a bit, still not what I want. 3rd time, re-written, as I want it. I think, often the ideas in the magazines are great, but maybe not checked as I would expect it.-TK-

Tulll!! It is a tiring job! Itu mah belum seberapa. Especially for us who have kids :), tingkat kelelahannya pasti bertambah. Apalagi anaknya masih toddler, apalagi toddlernya gak cuman satu. Trus toddlernya pengen ikut-ikutan sesi foto. Tau sendiri toddler punya rasa ingin tau yang gede, tau sendiri toddler maunya tiru-tiru...huehehehe...

Yes, buat gue myself, home food photography memang melelahkan tapi sekaligus addicting and always exciting. Gue gak pernah menyalahkan anak-anak. Karena ya memang begitu adanya. Harus gue terima aja. *Heran udah bulak balik dibikin capek, masih aja ketagihan motretin makanan*.

Gimana gak capek, ya masak sendiri, abis itu mikirin stylingnya, mikirin penyajiannya, abis itu jadi fotografernya, merangkap lighting man, pada saat yang sama fungsi sebagai ibu gak bisa ditinggalkan, harus sambil ngangon krucils biar krucils gak getting crazy and then memporakporandakan arena photo session...hwahahaha. Kadang kayak orang gak waras, kalap beli bahan-bahan baking, bukan karena cuman pengen baking, tapi juga ada motivasi lain, pengen bikin foto yang bagus dari hasil baking-an trus ujung-ujungnya masuk blog....hwahahaha....betul begitu teman-teman?

Behind the Scene : Ditungguin Leia
Leia siap-siap nunggangin, naik punggung gue

Kembali ke soal krucils. Makanya pada saat sesi foto, krucils gue kasih upeti dulu, mereka harus didistract, biasanya sih gue kasih makanan yang sama dengan yang akan gue foto atau properti yang mau gue pake. Biar mereka anteng. Kadang kalo mereka mulai bosen, dateng deh ke arena shooting...toel-toel, ngambrukin reflektor, geser-geser piring, matiin lampu, ngambil sendok, ujung-ujungnya berniat ngacak-ngacak. Kamera udah siap diklik tiba-tiba nongol muka kecil di depan lensa. Atau udah susah payah dapet fokus siap jepret, ada tangan unyil mo nyomot makanan...hiyaaaaaa.....

Behind the Scene : Cookies Scene
Dapet cookies deh! Nyomot ya!

Kalo udah begini biasanya mereka gue alihin dengan cara gue suruh bantu-bantu motret. Misalnya megangin reflektor atau suruh ngaturin kue-nya, pokoknya bikin mereka merasa jadi bagian dari kegiatan lah. Biasanya dengan cara ini mereka jadi lumayan tenang. Tapi teuteuupphhh emaknya kebat-kebit, was-was kalo tangan-tangannya pada jail narik piring atau gelas beling :D.

Behind the Scene : Asisten
Sini Mamin, dibantuin!

Nahh, abis selesai urusan foto, bukan berarti terus bisa leha-leha nguploadin foto. Noohhhh liat tuh di dapur, cucian piring bekas masak masih numpuk. Tambah lagi di area shooting pasti agak-agak messy dan perlu dibersihin...plus....membersihkan TKPnya krucils dari upeti-upeti yang gue kasih, mbersihin susu yang tumpah di lantai trus dipake ngepel sama anak-anak, saus yang nemplok dengan cantiknya di tembok, cake yang udah dibejek-bejek di lantai, dll.

Behind the Scene : Leia Mainan Susu
Mamin, susunya buat ngepel ya?

Kalo udah begini mah gak usah punya ekspektasi tinggi rumah bakalan cling bersih meling-meling. Bisa migren deh, stres liat rumah yang berantakan. Biasanya gue take a break sebentar terus mengerjakan semuanya satu demi satu, toh akhirnya selesai juga.

Terus gak kapok? Nggak tuh! Emang tiring job tapi mengasyikkan buat gue. Mungkin emang sebagian orang bertanya-tanya, susah amat sih! Niat amat sih motret makanan sampe digitu-gituin segala? Sebenernya kalo dipikir-pikir agak ajaib juga sih. Bener juga, wong tinggal makan, ini pake acara makanan dibikin cantik dulu trus di foto. Mending kalo emang buat kerjaan untuk halaman resep/makanan. Bukan juga untuk menyambut tamu agung di rumah. Lah ini, nanti kita juga yang makan.

Abis gimana dong?? Hobi sih :).

Gue yakin banyak sahabat-sahabat foodie blogger gue yang lagi tersenyum-senyum sendiri pas baca ini dan mengalami/merasakan hal yang sama. Gue mendedikasikan postingan ini untuk menghormati semua sahabat-sahabat foodie blogger gue yang gue tau dengan segala kesibukannya sebagai ibu, merangkap chef sekaligus bisa menjadi food photographer food photographer yang hebat dengan karya-karya cantik. Sekaligus untuk memperingati hari Kartini dan kembali menyadari betapa hebatnya peran para ibu dan kaum perempuan *narsis dikit* yang bisa berkarya dan punya karya.

Guys, pengen banget denger surprising dan amazing stories (suka duka/cerita lucu/dll) kalian, behind the scene sesi food photography. Kirim yah ke charmawendi at gmail dot com, dengan subject : Home Food Photography. Gue tunggu sampe 4 Mei 2008. Tanggal 7 Mei silahkan dinikmati round up-nya.
Cantumkan :
Nama :
Nama blog dan alamat blog :
Judul dan URL post :
Foto behind the scene (ukuran gede boleh)
Please do make a link from your post to this post
Note : di ending postingan sertakan ya kompilasi food photos-nya yang hebring-hebring.

Silahkan dinikmati hasil pertempuran gue :).

Sekilas Karya

PS : taneman gue kalo bisa teriak pasti udah mencaci maki, secara beberapa hari ini agak terbengkalai....kekekekekkkkk!!! Maafkan daku yaa. Aku tau kok kamu bibit-bibit Parsley dan kamu Basil, kalian mulai bersemi dengan suburnya. Deep in my heart gue seneng banget kalian bersemi :).

Cemilan Rindu Kampung : Cireng

Jadi perantau di negeri orang, gak bisa dipungkiri rasa kangen akan makanan asal negara sendiri pasti pernah mendera. Terutama jajanan yah. Yang dulu gampang banget ndapetinnya, sekarang butuh perjuangan. Sebenernya gue pribadi gak pernah sih yang terlalu ngidam-ngidam amat pengen ini itu, karena emang dari awal gue sudah memposisikan diri gue, harus bisa beradaptasi dengan situasi dan keadaan di lingkungan baru *tssaaahhhhh dia ngeles*. Dan lagi masih bisa bikin sendiri juga. Untungnya di Kuwait ini mencari bahan baku untuk membuat makanan atau masakan Indonesia bukanlah sesuatu yang sulit. Maklum negara ini hampir 90%nya dihuni kaum pendatang dan kebanyakan berasal dari Asia. Jadi yang namanya Thailand Store/Philipine Store/Asian Store/Indian Store, termasuk mudah dijumpai. Satu hal pengecualian, yang gue pengen banget adalah.....MINUM TEH BOTOL SOSRO!!! Gue belum pernah nemu tuh di sini. Buat yang mampir di blog ini, everybody dan merasa tau di mana ada yang jual TEBOT alias Teh Botol di Kuwait, please infonya!!!! :D.

Beberapa minggu yang lalu, iseng pengen makan gorengan, blogwalking akhirnya nongkrong di tempat Arfi nemu Cireng-nya Rita Herni. Wah seru juga nih, makan jajanan jaman SD. Pas baca resepnya ternyata gak ribet, paling gue musti nyari tepung kanji aja. Dengan sok PD, gue yakin 100% di sini gak susah nyari kanji. Akhirnya pas weekend tiba, gue berburu tepung kanji. Sekali hunting gak nemu, yo wis nanti kita cari di tempat lain. Pas ke Carrefour nyoba nyari, gak nemu juga. Feeling jelek mulai merasuki gue nih, "jangan-jangan gak ada." Weekend pertama gagal nemuin kanji. Mari lanjut ke minggu depannya. Begitu weekend berikutnya tiba, niat hunting tepung adalah yang muncul pertama kali saat bangun tidur...huehehehehhheee....

Pokoknya tiap ada kesempatan, gue nyoba masuk ke toko-toko atau swalayan yang kira-kira representatif. Lagi lagi gak nemu! Walah emang gak ada kali ya di sini? Gue pikir seharusnya tepung kanji tuh mudah dijumpai loh *diihhh maunya sendiri!*, bukannya makanan Asia banyak yang pake-pake tepung kanji? Ya sutralah, gak papa deh gak jadi bikin Cireng.

Suatu ketika pas lagi belanja mingguan ke City Center, gak sengaja nemu Sago Seeds alias biji-biji mutiara. Tiba-tiba keinget lagi sama proyek Cireng itu *hiyaaaa masih penasaran dia!*. Pikir punya pikir, lucu kali ye kalo gue beli trus gue grind jadi tepung, mengingat bahan dasarnya yang sama dari sagu. Akhirnya gue beli lah itu bijian-bijian dengan semangat nge-ngrind mode on.

Beberapa hari kemudian *buset bikin Cireng aja butuh berhari-hari perjuangannya* gue semangat mo bikin Cireng. Mulai deh gue ngegiling biji-biji sagu itu pake chopper, nekat! Pas mulai nge-grind kok lama ya gak ancur-ancur? Semenit dua menit, 15 menit, setengah jam, sejam...lah loh, bijinya gak ancur-ancur. Getas banget! Dan chopper gue mule nunjukkin gejala yang nggak nggak. Gue sempet liat ada sedikit asep keluar dari bagian motornya. Yadah gue diemin dulu deh. Ohh...gue ada ide. Kasih air aja kali ye, biar gampang nge-grind-nya. Ternyata keputusan yang bodoh saudara-saudara! Don't try this at home :D. Setelah dikasih air, biji-biji itu jadi mengembang dan menjadi makin susah digiling. Tapi gue memaksakan kehendak. Akibatnya.....chopper gue jebuolllllll...hoaaaaaaaaa *nangis guling-guling*. Untuk sementara gue terpaksa puasa masak yang pake acara ulek-ulekkan bumbu...hiksss....karena gue emang tergantung banget sama si miss Moulinex chopperku ini. Gue gak punya ulekan, selalu pake si neng Moli *lagi ngarep Papin mau mbenerin dinamonya...please darling*...Ato kalo gak sekalian beli food processor baru aja apa ya?? *pletak disambit Papin*

Ya uding, nasi udah menjadi bubur eiits salah biji (sagu) sudah menjadi bubur. Daripada mubazir, nekat aja deh gue pake tuh biji-biji sagu yang udah ngembang. Gue masak dulu (pake santen) biar makin mateng. Tunggu dingin, abis itu baru dicampur sama tepung terigu. Pake acara keabisan tepung terigu pulak *glondang*, akhirnya dicampur dikit sama tepung maizena. Sebelum digoreng, gue niru metodenya Arfi, adonan yang udah dibentuk dibalur tepung maizena dulu sebelum masuk penggorengan. Akhirnyaaa....phuiiihhhh....jadi juga tuh Cireng :D. Walopun masih gak puas karena gak pake kanji beneran. Dah gitu waktu masih anget sih uenak, begitu dah dingin kayak makan sendal kecemplung semen...ahak ahak ahak!


Owiyah, makannya pake sambel kacang. Berhubung chopper ambrol, jadi gue gak bisa nggiling kacang, akhirnya gue pake peanut butter dimasak sama saos asam manis, saus cabe dan vinegar.

Balakangan gue baru dapet info dari tetangga apartemen yang orang KBRI, tepung kanji emang susah, yang jual pun cuman di toko Ambassador.

Resepnya di Dapurnya Rita yah :).


Livestrong with A Taste of Yellow - 2008

alun-alun malang 21/08/07

I dedicated this entry especially to my mom who have won the fight against breast cancer and to support those who still fighting. I still remembered those days how she suffered and she didn't want anybody know about her disease and saw everybody's tears. She was really struggling with her positive mind. I learn a lot about positive thinking from her. How positive mind could cure you. Yes, she definitely Livestrong with her spirit and positive mind! And have won the fight. She's a survivor. It's been almost 12 years since she won the battle. I love you, Mom and so proud of you!

My entry for Livestrong with A Taste of Yellow 2008 are : for the main dishes I made Thai Chicken Curry - Videojug is rocks! (my version : I add turmeric, substitute green beans for potatos and grilled the chicken first, and then we use to eat this dishes with noodles) and Toffeed Plums & Apples with Spiced Yoghurt for the dessert. What a spicy day! :D

Thai Green Chicken Curry 2/3 Toffeed Apples & Plums with Spiced Yogurt 2/4 - natural light

Thai Green Chicken Curry

How To Make Thai Green Chicken Curry

Toffeed Plums and Apples with Spiced Yoghurt

Toffeed Apples & Plums with Spiced Yogurt 4/4 - natural light

How to make :
Toffeed Plums & Apples
Slice plums and apples. Melt the 30 gr butter in frying pan. Cook the fruits until browned both sides. Add 2 tablespoons light brown sugar and a pich of cinnamon, cook 5 minutes. Add 1/3 cup maple syrup, stir until heated through. Serve with spiced yoghurt.

Spiced Yoghurt
Mix together 1 cup yoghurt, 1/4 teaspoon nutmeg and 1 teaspoon caster sugar in a small bowl.


Cookies Time

Arwen et Leia at PACI

I'm a mother of 2 toddlers. And I don't like the idea of my kids having food which contained too much sugar and salt, artificial food color and taste, preservatives and MSG added. Believe me, my kids don't know what candy is! They don't eat snack like Chiki Chikian or else. I just allowed cookies, chocolate and juice from the supermarket. Krupuk is a big NO NO for them, at least for now :P.

I grew up in a family with healthy eating habit. My parents don't eat junk food. So, I used to it. My mom always made homemade food and snack for us. The fresher the better.

And I'm bringing this healthy habit to my family now. We rarely eat junk food (as possible as we can). The consequences are...mother who can cook and bake required...*LOL*. But it's not a big deal. This is a challenge for sure, it's fun though. I would do anything for my love ones although I need to have so many ideas what to cook or to bake (in healthy way of course).

Having some snacks is a must for Arwen and Leia. They really like snacking. Especially Leia, the younger one. At least cookies. I never let my cookies jar empty. It is easy to make, you always have the ingredients in your hand and I can have a little help from my kids. We had some fun when making the cookies, I let them stirred the batter or knead the dough or sprinkling the chocolate chips, etc.

Behind the Scene : Asisten Chef Chocolate Pistachio Cookies

Last month, I made two kinds of cookies. Oatmeal Cookies and Chocolate Pistachio Cookies. I got the recipe from Joy of Baking. The longer you bake, the crispier you get. I'd prefer the chewy one, so I baked in a short time. The best part is we can make the batter ahead of time and leave it in the refrigerator so we can make freshly baked cookies on demand.

After baking time, these little chefs usually took a part in the shooting sessions as my crew :)).

Behind the Scene : Asisten

Here's some cookies from me, Arwen and Leia :). Enjoy!

Oatmeal Cookies Series 2/2 Chocolate Pistachio Cookies

Oatmeal Cookies Recipe
Chocolate Pistachio Cookies Recipe : I use the oatmeal cookies recipe, just add some choco powder and pistachios.

Souk Burge Al-Asmar

originally posted @ Neverland Journey (January 7, 2008)

(click to enlarge the map)

(click to enlarge the map)

DSCN0020.JPG Salhiya Center, Kuwait City
Menuju Salhiya

...(sambungan dari jalan-jalan ke Ambassador)...Selesai belanja di Ambassador kami melangkah menuju Salhiya - daerah yang menurut Papin feel at home jika berada di sini. Kunjungan pertama adalah ke toko buku Q8Books langganan Papin yang terletak di Al-Salam Tower. Mampir bentar "menikmati" deretan buku-buku bekas yang masih dalam kondisi bagus, ditemani sambutan hangat Pak Jacob, seorang India sang penjaga toko.

Mr. Jacob sang penjaga toko

Setelah itu, iseng-iseng nglongok ke basement, tertarik juga untuk menghampiri jejeran toko-toko India, situasinya mirip pasar Tanah Abang sebelum pindah ke gedung baru sekarang. Ada pedagang sepatu, baju-baju murah, sprei, selimut, toko serba ada, toko kosmetik, dll.

Al-Salam Tower Underground
Deretan pedagang di basement Al-Salam Tower

Udah puas liat-liat, kami melanjutkan tour *berasa turis*, gak tau mo kemana, yang penting nyari yang unik dan aneh-aneh. Sampai akhirnya kami tiba di Souk Burge Al-Asmar, sebuah toko serba ada mirip seperti Ambassador (Souk artinya pasar). Iseng ahhh cek and ricek! Sekalian nyari kopi dan ulekan/cobek.

Souk Burge Al-Asmar
Souk Burge Al-Asmar

Deret demi deret rak kami lalui, dengan mata yang selalu awas mode on, kali-kali nemu yang aneh :). Scanning thru the coridor dan nemu kerupuk udang. Abis itu lanjut ke bagian sayur-mayur, mata kami tertuju pada rak pendingin bertuliskan oxtail dalam kurung buntut. Lah kok ada bahasa Indonesianya? Trus trus lah kok di atasnya ada bungkusan terasi, bumbu gado-gado jadi dan telor berwarna pink. Cruing...apaan nih? Tampaknya si penjaga toko menangkap gelagat heran kami.

Terasi, Bumbu Gado-gado, Extra Joss, Telor Asin!!
Ki-ka : terasi Raja Udang, bumbu Gado-gado, telor asin

"From Philipine?" begitu katanya.

"No, Indonesia," jawab kami.

Tiba-tiba si bapak ini langsung nyerocos...

"...Kemiri! bakso! tahu! tempe! terasi! telor asin (sambil menunjuk telor pink tadi)!"

Kami masih bengong surprise, si babe nyerocos terus sambil menawarkan barang-barang dagangan lainnya...

"Krupuk udang! seledri! pare! kincur!"

"What??" tanya kami dengan excited karena gak jelas.

"Kincur! Kincur!"

"Oooo....Kencur," imbuh kami dengan tertawa.

"Ya...ya...do you want??"

Kami menolak dengan sopan karena kebetulan stock di rumah masih ada. Tapi gue sempet ngambil kencur juga. Sebungkus kecil, isi 3 potong kencur seharga 600 fils setara Rp 18.000,- *whatt!!!*. Gak palalah, toh jarang-jarang pake kencur.

Setelah membayar belanjaan, kami berniat untuk pulang, karena hari sudah malam dan semakin dingin. Tiba-tiba mata gue tertuju pada kios penjual tanaman di seberang Souk Al-Asmar. Naahhhh ini dia yang selama ini dicari-cari! Gue pengeeennnn banget pelihara tanaman di apartemen. Katanya sih harga tanaman di Kuwait mahal banget. Iseng aja tanya-tanya dulu buat persiapan nanti kalo udah pindah ke apartemen baru.

Waaahhhh senangnya mampir ke sini, gak sia-sia! Banyak yang kami "dapat". Pulang dengan hati senang dan pasti kami akan kembali lagi ke sana :).


Berburu di Ambassador

originally posted @ Neverland Journey.

Atas saran Raida, suatu ketika akhirnya kami menyambangi city, turun ke kota mengunjungi Ambassador. Eh, bukan sowan ke tempat pak Duta Besar loh, tapi sebuah supermarket yang kebetulan memang bernama Ambassador. Konon, supermarket ini menjual prentilan bahan-bahan masak Filipina, Thailand dan Asia.

Selalu aja excited kalo berkunjung ke tempat-tempat seperti ini, berharap menemukan sesuatu atau sebuah keunikan. Bener aja bukan cuman sebuah kejutan dari Ambassador tapi beragam bonus hal menarik kami temui di sekitar area supermarket ini.

Ambassador terletak di Kuwait City, kira-kira 20 menit perjalanan dari areal pemukiman kami. Di sini terdapat deretan toko-toko yang menjual berbagai macam barang. Kalo mau ngebayangin, bayangin aja perpaduan antara Pasar Baru Jakarta dan Pasar Blok M-Melawai. Ada toko kain, tukang jahit, toko elektronik, warung serba ada, warung makan, tempat cetak foto, tukang cukur, toko taneman, agen tour and travel, money changer, dll. Kaum pendatang dari India tampak mendominasi, persis seperti perkampungan India. Sungguh sebuah perpaduan yang antik dengan bangunan-bangunan lama yang bisa dibilang sudah "busuk" tak terurus.

Sampai di Ambassador, kami melangkah dengan semangat memasuki pintu masuk yang berupa tirai plastik bertuliskan Coca Cola. Langsung menuju deretan sayur-mayur untuk men-cek dan ricek ada apa gerangan di sana? Surprise banget waktu gue tiba-tiba menemukan tahu dan tempe. Tanpa pikir-pikir, langsung embat masukin ke keranjang belanjaan, berhubung Papin pengen makan tahu goreng. Abis itu langsung blingsatan deh, ada daun pandan langsung aja sikat, trus ngeliat pisang jadi kepikiran besok bikin pisang goreng ahhh, enak dingin-dingin gini sambil ngupi! :).

Ki-ka : Tahu, Tempe, Pandan

Si penjaga toko yang fasih menyebutkan sayur-sayuran dalam bahasa Indonesia

Rak demi rak kami lewati, sampai akhirnya kami "mendarat" pada jejeran gula merah...wooooaaa....mauuu!! Made in India sih, gatau gimana rasanya, tapi coba aja ah!

Bukan gula Jawa tapi gula India

Cukuplah survey (sekalian belanja) di Ambassador. Patut kami datangi lagi next time, kalo tiba-tiba kangen tahu dan tempe :).

Setelah membayar belanjaan, kaki kami kembali melangkah, meninggalkan Ambassador menuju area Salhiya dan menemukan kejutan-kejutan berikutnya......(bersambung yaaaa....).

"Ke Bakala Dulu, Ya!

Originally posted @ Neverland Journey

Bakala aka Toko Kelontong

Teriakan itu sama aja dengan, "gue ke warung dulu yak!"

Warung ala Arab ini dinamakan Bakala, toko kelontong kecil yang menjual berbagai macam kebutuhan rumah tangga dan biasanya dimiliki oleh warga non Kuwait. Sama dengan warung, biasanya terletak di sekitar pemukiman (apartemen). Bedanya, Bakala lebih komplit, walopun kecil kayaknya semua barang mau dijual. Dari ember sampe sayur mayur! Udah tempatnya kecil, semua barang dagangan tumpang tindih di situ. Makanya paling males kalo ke Bakala pas lagi rame, dijamin gak bisa bergerak ato harus mlipir mlipir excuse me :)).

They sell veggies Bakala Time

Kalo lagi kepepet kekurangan bahan masak, Bakala sangat bisa diandalkan. Sayuran standar yang mereka jual adalah : kacang panjang, wortel, kentang, tomat, buncis, pare dan berbagai sayuran India yang asing bagi gue. Telur, beras dan bumbu-bumbu masak juga dijual di sana. Lumayan komplitlah, kayak minimarket mini (hehehe udah mini diminiin lagi). Biarpun kecil tapi gaya, biasanya mereka juga dilengkapi refrigerator gede untuk menyimpan susu, keju, daging olahan, dll. Gak cuman itu, kalo kehabisan pulsa, tinggal lari ke Bakala karena hampir sebagian besar Bakala menjual voucher pulsa isi ulang

Bakala They sell instant food

Cuman ya itu, harga Bakala agak lebih mahal daripada kalo kita belanja di Carrefour atau Lulu. Tapi kalo kepepet mah, lumayan membantu.

Dan menurut info, ada juga Bakala Thailand dan Indonesia, yang tentunya banyak menjual barang-barang yang berbau Indonesia.


Eggless Tiramisu

Eggless Tiramisu (my version) 1/3

Tiramisu is a popular Italian dessert. Traditionally served in the afternoon as a "boost", tiramisu contains both caffeine and alcohol in a creamy cheese mixture served in layers. Tiramisu can be complex (featuring layering of different flavors and textures) or simplistic. This recipe does not use any eggs (cooked or raw) and alcohol-my version, and provides the simplest blend of ingredients to form a fast and tasty basic tiramisu.

Kalo mau googling around...walah walah ternyata banyak banget variasi resep tiramisu. Sampe bingung milihnya, dari yang dibuat dengan metode sangat simple sampe yang agak rumit. Yang pasti resep yang gue cari adalah yang tanpa telur. Berhubung di sini pun gak ada alkohol *katanya! katanya! padahal sih...* ya mau gak mau tiramisu-nya juga non alkohol. Tadinya uda mau nodong bos-nya Papin, minta seuprit jatah kahlua...xixixixiii...tapi ya sutralah, gak penting, gak ada alkohol tiramisunya pun jadi juga. Dan anak-anak bisa lebih bebas makan walopun gak boleh banyak-banyak juga karena kopi banget.

Pepy tossss dulu ah! Samaan lagi kita :D.

Eggless Tiramisu (my version) 3/5

Basic Tiramisu (no egg and alcohol added-my version)

What you need :
First, start by assembling the ingredients. We'll need one pound of mascarpone cheese, a cup of heavy whipping cream, 1/2 cup granulated sugar, 3 tablespoons rum (brandy also works well - skip), 20 lady's fingers (a light, oblong italian cookie with powdered sugar on one side), cocoa powder, a double shot (about 2 to 3 ounces) of espresso, 1/2 cup of prepared coffee, and shavings of unsweetened dark chocolate to top (skip).

How to make :
1. Chill whipping cream and bowl. Mix coffee and espresso and chill. Whisk the whipping cream until it reaches stiff peaks. This can be accomplished in a few minutes with an electric mixer or by hand (times will vary depending on arm strength and stamina).
2. Put the cheese, sugar, and brandy into a medium bowl and mix until smooth. Add more sugar or alcohol as desired.
3. Fold in the whipped cream to create the cheese mixture.
4. Soak lady fingers in espresso for a couple seconds, rotating to coat all sides. Place lady fingers side by side on bottom of a 8x8-in. pan.
5. Put half the cheese mixture on lady fingers in pan. Smooth with a spatula or spoon.
6. Sift cocoa powder liberally on surface of layer.
7. Apply second layer of lady fingers and remaining cheese.
8. Sift cocoa powder and half of chocolate shavings.
9. Cover in plastic wrap and chill.
10. To serve, use the remaining chocolate shavings by sprinkling a bit onto eight plates. Cut tiramisu into eight rectangles and serve on plates (or simply spoon them out).

Source : cookingforengineers