Livestrong with A Taste of Yellow - 2008

alun-alun malang 21/08/07

I dedicated this entry especially to my mom who have won the fight against breast cancer and to support those who still fighting. I still remembered those days how she suffered and she didn't want anybody know about her disease and saw everybody's tears. She was really struggling with her positive mind. I learn a lot about positive thinking from her. How positive mind could cure you. Yes, she definitely Livestrong with her spirit and positive mind! And have won the fight. She's a survivor. It's been almost 12 years since she won the battle. I love you, Mom and so proud of you!

My entry for Livestrong with A Taste of Yellow 2008 are : for the main dishes I made Thai Chicken Curry - Videojug is rocks! (my version : I add turmeric, substitute green beans for potatos and grilled the chicken first, and then we use to eat this dishes with noodles) and Toffeed Plums & Apples with Spiced Yoghurt for the dessert. What a spicy day! :D

Thai Green Chicken Curry 2/3 Toffeed Apples & Plums with Spiced Yogurt 2/4 - natural light

Thai Green Chicken Curry

How To Make Thai Green Chicken Curry

Toffeed Plums and Apples with Spiced Yoghurt

Toffeed Apples & Plums with Spiced Yogurt 4/4 - natural light

How to make :
Toffeed Plums & Apples
Slice plums and apples. Melt the 30 gr butter in frying pan. Cook the fruits until browned both sides. Add 2 tablespoons light brown sugar and a pich of cinnamon, cook 5 minutes. Add 1/3 cup maple syrup, stir until heated through. Serve with spiced yoghurt.

Spiced Yoghurt
Mix together 1 cup yoghurt, 1/4 teaspoon nutmeg and 1 teaspoon caster sugar in a small bowl.


  1. Wow an entry from Kuwait! Fantastic to hear your Mom is a survivor. Thanks for supporting LiveSTRONG With A Taste Of Yellow with your great entry.

  2. Dit, gw terharu bacanya hiks :"(.. your mom must be a very tough woman ya :") Believe it or not, gw percaya juga akan kondisi positive mind could change anything...All the best to ur Mom and I salute her too :D

  3. Anonymous3:53 AM

    Such a nice post that I can relate to totally!!!
    My mom's will was not strong enough!
    Many healthy years to your mom and to your family!!

  4. @ Barbara : thank u so much. Keep strong ok.

    @ Findrie : makasih Pin, emang kita harus selalu positive thinking, itu yg gue banyak belajar dari beliau.

    @ Lidia : So sorry about that, Lidia. Thank u so much for your support :).

  5. iya... hiks hiks... ibuku sama aku sama-sama punya tumor payudara. ibundaku kena dua kali, aku sekali. udah dioperasi. tapi nenekku dari ibunda itu meninggal karena kanker. aku inget banget saat2 beliau sakaratul maut karena aku di sana, ikut mengelus2 dan mijitin kaki beliau. beliau selalu merintih, aku dan semua yang hadir sampe ga luput nangis... because we all knew that no one could help her anymore. kanker memang dahsyat. siapapun bisa diserang, apalagi jika sudah genetis. makanya aku selalu maintaining healthy food, buat menghindari gen-gen ini berkembang dalam tubuhku. sudah pasti aku dapat gen ini, mak. dan ga tahu nanti apakah anak2 juga ada. aku suka kepikiran malem2 suka ga bisa tidur. takuuuuut banget. aku harap banget lewat lelang buku ini bakalan bisa menggugah hati ibu2 untuk tetap maintaining a good life untuk mereka dan buah hati mereka. it's all about care.

    nice entry for A Taste of Yello.


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