Cookies Time

Arwen et Leia at PACI

I'm a mother of 2 toddlers. And I don't like the idea of my kids having food which contained too much sugar and salt, artificial food color and taste, preservatives and MSG added. Believe me, my kids don't know what candy is! They don't eat snack like Chiki Chikian or else. I just allowed cookies, chocolate and juice from the supermarket. Krupuk is a big NO NO for them, at least for now :P.

I grew up in a family with healthy eating habit. My parents don't eat junk food. So, I used to it. My mom always made homemade food and snack for us. The fresher the better.

And I'm bringing this healthy habit to my family now. We rarely eat junk food (as possible as we can). The consequences are...mother who can cook and bake required...*LOL*. But it's not a big deal. This is a challenge for sure, it's fun though. I would do anything for my love ones although I need to have so many ideas what to cook or to bake (in healthy way of course).

Having some snacks is a must for Arwen and Leia. They really like snacking. Especially Leia, the younger one. At least cookies. I never let my cookies jar empty. It is easy to make, you always have the ingredients in your hand and I can have a little help from my kids. We had some fun when making the cookies, I let them stirred the batter or knead the dough or sprinkling the chocolate chips, etc.

Behind the Scene : Asisten Chef Chocolate Pistachio Cookies

Last month, I made two kinds of cookies. Oatmeal Cookies and Chocolate Pistachio Cookies. I got the recipe from Joy of Baking. The longer you bake, the crispier you get. I'd prefer the chewy one, so I baked in a short time. The best part is we can make the batter ahead of time and leave it in the refrigerator so we can make freshly baked cookies on demand.

After baking time, these little chefs usually took a part in the shooting sessions as my crew :)).

Behind the Scene : Asisten

Here's some cookies from me, Arwen and Leia :). Enjoy!

Oatmeal Cookies Series 2/2 Chocolate Pistachio Cookies

Oatmeal Cookies Recipe
Chocolate Pistachio Cookies Recipe : I use the oatmeal cookies recipe, just add some choco powder and pistachios.


  1. iya Dit, gue jg kalo bisa gak beli snack jadi di supermarket ato makan junk food. apalagi cookies, emang enakan bikin sendiri :)

    cihuuyy yah, bikin sour cream twists pake yogurt jadi! disana susah sour cream ya Dit?

  2. iya tapi bikinnya kukisnya pun gue gak suka yg dicetak2, ribet dah :P, enak yg langsung teplok :D.

    sour cream gak susah kok mbak. Berhubung yg kemaren dah abis dan masih penasaran karena batch 1 keasinan, makanya gue pengen nyoba bikin lagi tapi kali ini pake yogurt. Dan seneng bgt berhasil :D.

  3. Dita...resepnya gue contek, tapi mesti pake oatmeal ya...gue mesti cari dulu uey secara disini mesti ke kota...hahahah...

    thanks resepnya Dit...kemaren gue bikin butter cookies...lumayan ga ribet and hasilnya endang...qiqiqiqi...

  4. namanya aja oatmeal cookies, Ceu :D. Kalo gak pake oatmeal jadi laen dwong :P. TApi kalo cuman mo dapetin teskturnya sih oatmealnya bisa diganti. Kayak yg coklat pistachio itu kan resep dasarnya dari oatmeal cookies.

  5. I'm so proud to every mom who's concerned about healthy food. Jaman skarang geto loohh smuanyaa bahan pengawetss! Everything di supermarket dalam kemasan is bahan pengawet dan sebutan cs lainnya itu..hiii. Arwen and Leia must be so thankful to have a dedicated mom like you :). Bner banget Dit, jamannya ortu kita dulu, mana ada makanan yg aneh2 makanya kondisi kesehatannya lebih 'tough' yah.. Aku juga soalnya penganut makanan sehat dan makanan rumahan.. hehe. Hidup Healthy food for kids!


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