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Many Kuwaiti dishes (just like Chicken Mechbous which I made couple of months ago) call for loomi. Loomi is dried and blackened lime. Its flavor is strong and unique. Grated lime peel is suggested as a substitute for loomi but the taste will a bit different.

Loomi made from ripe limes which are boiled in salt water and sun-dried until their interior turns dark. This spice is often used to impart a distinct citrus odour and a sour tang to legumes and meat dishes.

In Iran powdered loomi is also used to flavour basmati rice. Also called leimoon Basra, leimoon aswad and leimoon omani. Dried limes can be used in powdered form or whole (usually pierced).


  1. Seneng banget liat photonya , rasanya kayak apa yaaa

  2. jadi penasaran pengen tau rasanya kek apa. krn disini gk ada gw nikmatin fotona aja deh.

  3. @ Retno : makasih mbak. HAduh piye ya ngasihtau rasanya. Sebenernya yang menonjol tuh baunya bukan rasanya :D.

    @ Dwi : iya bow di US pasti susah, tapi kemaren ada foodie blogger orang Amrik yang cerita, dia dapet loomi dari LA.

  4. I would love to know exactly how to make this, so I can try it :)

  5. can u plz tell me how to make loomi, i will try this at home

  6. can u plz let us knw the process of makin loomi

  7. Hi, this is great! I am doing an article on loomi for Flavor/Spice of the Month in the North African/Middle East Forum at www.recipezaar.com. I found your site through Google. Can I use this entry & photo, crediting you as the source, of course?


  8. Anonymous12:41 AM

    boil ripe limes in salted water and leave to dry until the flesh is hard.the flesh can colour between tan to black.....


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