Foodie Photography Contest : Red & White

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My talented and fabulous friends, Dhi, Fitri and Dwi is collaborating to make this wonderful event.

COME and JOIN this fun to celebrate 17 August, Indonesian Independence Day!

In the spirit of celebrating the Independence Day, the freedom in every aspect of life hopefully, they would like to see the creative spirit within YOU. If you have a talent in cooking or baking, food styling or food photography, show it to them, flaunt it. Even if you don’t think you have a talent, just send it anyway. They would like to see it!

And the Winner will win fun prize!

The theme is “Red and White” but it may be stretched as far as you can think of. Anything red and white, visual or concept wise, taste wise… anything. Be creative as much as you can. There’re some cool door prizes waiting. Remember, winning isn’t everything, but having fun is. So let’s have fun and let that creativity spilling over.

More info, please do visit here, here or here :).

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  1. What a great coincidence, August 17 is my little sister's birthday!

  2. Patricia : so, are you in? ;)


thanks for dropping by :)