Food iPhoneography

Here's why I've been missing for so long in the blogging world? Sometimes I feel, blogging is so time consuming. I'm busy nurturing and taking care of my 3 kids. I can't even sit still in front of the computer without being distracted by my kids. The only peaceful time I had was in the night after my kids went to sleep. And that's the only time I had to write Food Photography book with Empat Rana.

So, mobile phone became my best friends. I used iPhone and felt more comfortable doing everything online from my iPhone. I rarely sit and typing in my laptop and desktop computer.

Then I started experimenting taking food photos using my iPhone. I didn't need to use my heavy DSLR, I didn't need complicated setting, styling and composition and the most important thing I didn't have to edit my photos in the computer. I thought it's quite fun playing with iPhone and its applications. Really handy and I don't need a fancy software to edit the photos. And only in 1 click, I could share my photos easily to any social network.

Now I start blogging again, I feel like I've been left behind. So many new food bloggers and food photographers that I didn't know. I miss taking food photos using my DSLR and I miss blogging :). While sipping your cup of tea, please enjoy the new look and new address of my food blog.

Here are some of my food iPhoneography works when I was MIA.

food iphoneograhy compilation

food iphoneography compilation

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  1. Hi, Dita ! Good to see you back again. I always love your works. I love the new look of your blog as well. Keep blogging.

  2. I found your blog through instagram and so glad I did! Wonderful photos!

  3. alcyone5:40 AM

    pake ipon aja tetep keren mba, i'm following you at instagram. salama kenal


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