Yoghurt Roll

yoghurt roll 6/6

The original recipe is actually made from sourcream and it called Sourcream Twist. I saw this recipe at Eliza's. Yes, another quick recipe for breakfast. Thanks for sharing, mbak Liz :), as always, your food diary is so inspiring to me.

I made the recipe in 2 batches. The first batch I used sourcream. Since it was very easy to make (read : quick), I managed to make it for the second time. But I ran out of sourcream, so I substitute it for yoghurt.

And for the topping, I didn't use sugar glaze, I drizzled chocolate melt on it....mmmm...yum yum...

yoghurt roll 1/6

This is kinda quick bread recipe, so you can not expect to have a softy result. Just eat it when it's fresh from the oven :). Great idea for your breakfast.

You can see the original recipe (Sourcream Twist) at Eliza's.


  1. ditt gue pernah bikin kemaren waktu ilat postingan loe di flickr...tapi boww gue ga bisa bikin twistnya...huhuhuhu

    rasanya sih enak boww....gampang juga bikinnya ya..:P

  2. super super sweet!

  3. What a lovely and perfectly sweet breakfast!

  4. I have never heard of a yogurt roll before, but these look great!

  5. cute! yogurt twists sound better than sour cream twists to me. nice pic!

  6. Great photos. And yogurt rolls sound like something I definitely wouldn't mind having for breakfast :)

  7. @ Elsye : gampang kan Sye bikinnya.
    @ Eliza : makasih ya buat resepnya :)
    @ Joy of Baker : yes indeed. want some? ;)
    @ My sweet & saucy : I just made up the name, the original is sour twist ;)
    @ Becky : thanks Becky.
    @ Y : it's really easy to make. Such a quick recipe for breakfast.


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