Indonesian Grilled Chicken ala Moi

If I don't have much time in the kitchen, grilled chicken to the rescue!!!! Even only Lemon grilled chicken style,it's still yummy.

Ayam Panggang ala mamin (Grilled Chicken)

Indonesian Grilled Chicken

Ayam Panggang ala mamin (Grilled Chicken)

Ingredients :
(sorry no measurement, just put the ingredients as you like)
-1 whole chicken
-kaffir lime leaves
-lemongrass (optional)
-oyster sauce
-tomato sauce
-sweet soy sauce
-salt and pepper

Spices to grind :

Direction :
1. Sautee the grinded spices with kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass and galangal until fragrant.
2. Add all sauce, and salt/pepper to taste.
3. Add chicken, stir until halfcooked. Then, transfer the chicken to the pan, put it in the oven for 1/2-1 hour (170˙C)

And enjoy it with warm cooked rice or yellow rice or rice in coconut milk

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  1. candlenut itu apa ya Dit ? pengen nyoba, kayaknya lumayan praktis


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