Indonesian Cheese Cookies - Kaastengels

What's the most popular cookies in Indonesia during Eid Al Fitr? Yes,it's Kaastengels, Ananas Tart (Kue Nastar) and Cheese Sago Cookies (Sagu Keju). We can find these three types of cookies in every house that celebrates the day. I think Eid Al Fitr won't be the same without these delicious cookies :) *ohhh now I miss my homecountry*

kaastengels (cheese cookies)

source : Sedap Sekejap

Ingredients :
(this is for 2 recipes)
250 gr butter
4 egg yolks
300 gr all purpose flour
50 gr cornflour
1/2 tsp baking powder
200 gr edam/parmessan cheese

100 gr grated cheddar cheese for topping
2 egg yolks to wash the cookies

Pre-heat the oven 170˙C
1. Beat butter and egg yolks until soft, add edam cheese, mix it well.
2. Sift all purpose flour, cornflour and baking powder over the batter. Mix until the dough not sticking to the bowl and hand.
3. Roll the dough, shape. Wash it with egg yolks then sprinkle the top with grated cheese.
4. Put it in the oven for 20 minutes.

kaastengels (cheese cookies)


  1. lucu banget nastarnya dibuat hati begitu mbaa :)

  2. Salam Aidilfitri Dita.. balik kampung ke ? Hope it was a good celebration for you and family :)


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