[Indonesian Traditional Food] Ketan Sarikayo - Steamed Glutinous Rice and Coconut Milk Custard

I made this Padangnese/Minangnese (also known as Minangkabau, is indigenous to the highlands of West Sumatra, in Indonesia) style as our break-fast dish. They call it Sarikayo, some people may call it Srikaya and Sarikaya. But it never come into questions, in fact it enriches the culinary world of Indonesia.

Perhaps, not many of you knowing that Indonesia has various kind of foods. Not just the iconic dish beef rendang (which come from Padang/Minang), gudeg (young jackfruit in coconut milk, from Central Java), satay ayam (from Madura) or mie goreng Jawa (javanese style fried noodle), etc. In Indonesia you can find tons of traditional recipes that comes from each ethnic groups inherited in generations. They are usually rich in ingredients and full of spices.

Sarikaya itself is varied in Indonesia. You will find Sarikaya in green color with pandan extract in Palembang, Sarikaya pudding without steamed glutinous rice in Makassar and Sarikaya mold in the baking dish with steamed glutinous rice in Java.

To honour my home country Indonesia, I'd like to introduce this dish to the world through Waiter There's Something in....Indonesian hosted by Andrew of Spittoon Extra.

Ketan Sarikayo - Steamed Glutinous Rice and Coconut Milk Custard
adapted from : Uni Dewi Anwar's Family Recipe

Sarikayo (Coconut Milk Custard)

Ingredients :
* 1 cup egg (dita-I used 3 eggs)
* 1 cup dark brown sugar/coconut sugar/palm sugar, shredded
* 1 cup thick coconut milk
* 1/2 tsp salt
* 1/2 tsp vanilla
* 2 pandan leaves, knotted
* 1 tbsp ginger water (dita-I used 2 tbs)

Directions :
1. Mix sugar and coconut milk, stir until sugar dissolves, strain. Set aside.
2. Beat loosely the eggs. Pour in the coconut milk-sugar mixture. Stir well. Add ginger water, vanilla and pandan leaves.
3. Pour in the baking dish. Steam for about 30 minutes. Remove from heat. Cool and serve.

Ketan/Steamed Glutinous Rice

Ingredients :
300 gr glutinous rice/sweet rice, soaked for 1 hour, drained
1/2 tsp salt + 1 pandan leaf
150 ml coconut milk

Directions :
1. Steam rice until half-cooked. Remove from steamer. Set aside.
2. Mix coconut milk, salt and pandan leaf, stir well, bring to a boil. Remove from heat.
3. Add coconut milk to the half-cooked rice. Stir until absorbed.
4. Put the rice back on the steamer. Steam for 30 minutes.
5. Cool and serve with Sarikaya.

The soft texture of Sarikayo blends with the ginger aroma, serves with steamed glutinous rice is really a sweet indulgence in the afternoon.

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  1. Dit,
    gw lagi nitip ketan ama temen yg balik mudik lebaran :D. Saking ngiler liat banyak ketan di rumah elo.
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  2. wah ikutan eventnya Andrew ya.. hmm ikutan jg ndak ya :D nyari stok photo dolo yg ngendonesiah :D

  3. YUMMMYYYYYY!! I don't really like the sweetness of the topping, but I'd rather go with savoury, like serundeng topping. My kids love this, though!

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    bikin kangen lebaran di Indo :(

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    btw, selama motret nih, aku selalu kesusahan moto nasi, susah bener nampakin grainnya gitu dan gampang banget ov-ex.

  6. This is something new and awesome looking recipe.

  7. Indonesian Food Recipes. Resep Masakan makanan Indonesia.


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