Grilled or Roasted Chicken with Yogurt Sauce

grilled chicken with yogurt sauce

Winter is finally come! It means picnic in the beach! People in Kuwait used to go to the beach for picnicking and BBQ-ing in the winter. With only 12ºC-19ºC at noon, it's a perfect weather to do some outdoor activities.

Here's a recipe that I made with my friend for our picnic day, last weekend. I might say this is the easiest grilled/roasted chicken recipe yet so delicious. You only need a cup of yogurt for 1 whole chicken, a pinch of turmeric powder/saffron, sauteed chopped garlic, black pepper-salt-sugar to taste (I like to use a lot of garlic and black pepper). Marinate it overnight in the refrigerator, for the best result marinate it for 2 nights. You can grill it or roast it in the oven, I prefer charcoal grill. It smells heaven :)). Best serve with hot steamed rice and sambal kecap (sweet soy sauce with chili), it's the Indonesian way to eat it.

ingredientsgrilled chicken with yogurt sauce

Thanks to my friend, teh Dina for sharing the recipe :). I totally recommend this recipe!


  1. Hi Dita,recently discovered your site and in love with your gorgeous photos.Good to know that you live in Kuwait,I live in Dubai.What lens did you use for this photo and is this shot in natural light ?

  2. yogurt! secret to amazing chicken! :)

  3. Recipe sounds divine with grilled chicken. Thanks.


  4. plain yogurt aja mamin??? aku pengen coba jadinya.. kayaknya gampang ya..


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